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IGOGOMI Alps 3 folding 3-Speed Electric Bicycles( black) open box

IGOGOMI Alps 3 folding 3-Speed Electric Bicycles( black) open box

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Opened the box and made a display, completely new product。

Cautions when using 1.Be careful not to expose electrical parts to water. 2.Do not place your foot on the pedal when waiting on a pedestrian crossing. 3.Hold the brakes. Lower temperatures reduce mileage. 4.When starting,please match the motor power to the first stage,step on the pedal slowly. 5.Always wear a safety helmet.Do NOT ride at night. Precautions when using the battery 1.Charge in a safe space without a heater or humidifier.(Green light:Charging complete/ Red light:Charging) 2.If left unused for a long time,the battery may become depleted. 3.When not in use ,please charge at least once a month. 4.Lithium-ion batteries are consumables that,on average,have a lifespan of about two years, after which they must be replaced if their performance deteriorates.(Battery life may vary depending on how it is used.)Be sure to use the dedicated charger supplied with the product. 5.Always protect the battery from extreme temperatures or shock.Never open the battery. 6.Do not place in water or moisture,do not touch with wet hands.

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